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All it takes is $14.99/month

Don't pay for a company that leaves you on your own. Northserv handles everything for you.

Why Northserv Managed Hosting?

Secure & Reliable

You can relax knowing that someone is keeping an eye on things. If anything ever does go wrong, we're on it and there is never a fee to fix it. As it should be.

Professional Guidance

We will handle everything, whether it's setting up a new site or transferring from an existing host, you can sit back and get on with running your business.


There's an old saying: "you get what you pay for". With Northserv you get more. Get managed hosting for the price most providers charge to do it all yourself.

Discover Worry-Free Website Ownership


Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

Is it really only $14.99/month?
Well, there's also sales tax if you're Canadian, but yes.

How many websites can I have?
The monthly fee is per website, but you can have as many as you'd like.

Is a domain name included? What about an SSL Certificate?
A domain name is not included. They generally cost between $10 and $20 per year depending on the extension (.com, .ca, .etc). We can purchase a domain for you or you can bring your own. An SSL certificate is included, however.

Is there any contract term?

Do I really not have to do anything for my website?
We will need some help from you, of course, but you can do as little or as much as you want. Transferring an existing site is the easiest, as in many cases all we will need is your existing hosting credentials to proceed. For a new website, we can create a basic site for you with your guidance to a reasonable limit. More complex custom sites will invoke an hourly rate which is listed on our hourly services rates page.

Are there any limits on usage (bandwidth, storage, etc)?
Yes, but for most customers these limits are not a concern. Limits are based on our capacity, costs, and the frequency that you hit them. If you do hit a limit regularly, we will inform you and we will negotiate new terms moving forward. If your site is large or popular enough to warrant this, then you really should have a higher level of service anyway.