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Don't pay "per user" fees. Choose a provider that doesn't punish you for growing.

Why Northserv Email, Office, and Cloud?

Per Org, Not Per User

Most office and email providers will charge you "per user" in your organization. Northserv charges "per organization", enabling you to grow without worrying about IT costs.

Compatible & Portable

Our SMTP backed email is supported by almost all clients and phone apps. For everything else, you just need a web browser, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The Cloud, but Yours

Access your files and email anywhere, on any computer. Share files within your organization and outside of it. You can even request files from others.

All in one functionality, all in one cost


Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

Is it really only $24.99/month?
Well, there's also sales tax if you're Canadian, but yes.

How many users can I have?
As many as you want, within reason, but you do have to pay to add another organization (i.e. a separate company).

Is a domain name included? What about an SSL Certificate?
A domain name is not included. They generally cost between $10 and $20 per year depending on the extension (.com, .ca, .etc). We can purchase a domain for you or you can bring your own. An SSL certificate is included, however.

Is there any contract term?

Are there any limits on usage (bandwidth, storage, etc)?
Yes, but for most customers these limits are not a concern. Limits are based on our capacity, costs, and the frequency that you hit them. If you do hit a limit regularly, we will inform you and we will negotiate new terms moving forward. If your site is large or popular enough to warrant this, then you really should have a higher level of service anyway.

Is support included?
Yes, of course! We will help you or your users if you have any trouble with the software or getting set up.