Bookkeeping Services

Focus on your business and let us deal with the financial details.

Why Northserv for your Bookkeeping?

Easy Transaction Updates

Send us your statements, receipts, and invoices via web site or custom email address. We'll process them and add them automatically.

Monthly Reports

Know where your company stands with monthly reports showing your profit & loss, cash flow, and balance sheet.

Cheaper Tax Returns

Whether you file your taxes through us or someone else, well structured accounting will make filing easier and save you money.

Save Time and Know Where you Stand


Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

How do I get my reports?
We will email them to your monthly when they are ready, but you can also view them any time through our online portal.

Can you file or help with my taxes?
We can handle your taxes for an extra fee if your finances are straightforward. Otherwise, we recommend handing off your end of year report and data to an accountant. We can connect you with one if needed.

How is my data stored?
After an invoice, receipt, or statement is received it is processed, filed, and stored on an encrypted drive.

Can I export my data?
We can export your data to you at any time.